„Safe and Cautious in the Tatra Mountains”


In 2018, the Adolf Hyla Cultural and Educational Association carried out a year-long campaign in concern for the safety of tourists, and the nature of the Tatras – Safe and Cautious in the Tatra Mountains.

     „Safe and Cautious in the Tatra Mountains”. We prepared 30 thousand free information brochures entitled „The ABC of the Tatra Tourist” for the Tatra National Park, which were available at the entrances to the area of the Park.

     „Orla Perć – Tradition and Modernity.”  We produced a short film that shows the real dangers on the trail. It contains useful tips on how to move safely on Orla Perć, and some history of this famous trail. The film was broadcast 16 times by Polish Television on TVP 3 Krakow, and is available on YouTube and in social media. The number of viewers on Facebook amounted to 23,260.

We published a four-page supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza, which was published on 3 August 2018.

     „Safe and Cautious in the Tatra Mountains – In Winter”. We produced short film designed to raise the tourists’ awareness of the matters of safety in the mountains. The number of viewers of the film on Facebook amounted to 74,379. In addition, the film is aired on Polish Television – TVP 3 Kraków.

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